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Professional Development: The International Journal of Continuing Social Work Education
                Dedicated to the continuing education, staff development and training in the field of social welfare.

The Journal is a refereed publication concerned with providing scholarly and relevant articles on continuing education, professional development, and training in the field of social welfare. The aims of the Journal are to advance the science of professional development and continuing social work education, to foster understanding among educators, practitioners, and researchers, and to promote discussion that represents a broad spectrum of interests in the field.


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Current Issue (V24 N2)

> Disability in Schools of Social Work in Australia: Moving Beyond Existing Theories and Practices

> An Interdisciplinary Approach to Preparing Social Work and Nurse Practitioners to Utilize SBIRT

> Providing Mental Health Services for the Formely Homeless During COVID-19: An Autoethnographic Study

> Making the Campus Part of the Mission:Training Faculty and Staff to Support Student Veteran Success

> Stereotype Threat: An Introduction and Case for Discussion in Social Work Education

Special Issues: Social Work Academia and COVID-19 (V25 N1)(V25 N2)

> Introduction by our Special Editors

> Social Work Academia and COVID-19: The Great Equalizer

> Notes from the Field: The COVID Cohort: Social Work Students' Perspectives of Virtual Learning During the 2020 Pandemic

> Building Institutional Capacity for Field Education During COVID-19: Implementing an Evidence Informed Response to the Public Health Crisis

> Expanding Student Learning During COVID-19 in a Virtual Environment

> Social Work Education: Exploring a Virtual Sense of Place During a Pandemic

> A New (Virtual) Reality: Lessons Learned from Hosting a Virtual Academic Conference During a Global Pandemic

> In-person vs Synchronous Virtual Provider Workshops for Evidence-Based Therapies for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

> The Big Pivot: Moving a Continuing Education Program Online

> Notes from the Field: Responsive Continuing Education: Using a Virtual Platform to Address SUDs in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

> Pandemic Peer Support: Adaptations to the Veteran Spouse Resiliency Group Program

> Notes from the Field: Mental Health Trainees and Families Adapt to Virtual Platforms for Sibling Support During COVID-19

> From Face-to-Face to Virtual Instruction: Developing Competencies to Administer a Standardized Assessment During COVID-19

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