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Professional Development: The International Journal of Continuing Social Work Education
                Dedicated to the continuing education, staff development and training in the field of social welfare.

The Journal is a refereed publication concerned with providing scholarly and relevant articles on continuing education, professional development, and training in the field of social welfare. The aims of the Journal are to advance the science of professional development and continuing social work education, to foster understanding among educators, practitioners, and researchers, and to promote discussion that represents a broad spectrum of interests in the field.


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Proposal for Special Edition of The International Journal of Continuing Social Work Education

Working with Veterans and Military-Connected Populations: A Shifting Landscape

Focus of the Special Edition: This call for manuscripts comes at a time of great change in working with Veterans and Military Connected populations. For the past two decades, more than 2.5 million U.S. troops participated in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and have transitioned to Military installations and their home communities. Factors such as the drawdown of troops in the Middle East, the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a military-civilian divide that continues to deepen, have impacted post 9/11 Veterans as they transition into communities that are not always equipped to best support them. Many Veterans have struggled to move forward, gain back their civilian identities, and establish new missions.

This special edition proposes to highlight these challenges facing the population, veteran service organization and community responses to address them. Successful manuscripts will review the challenges, implications related to practice, explore community needs, and/or present research with the populations among other goals. All submissions will go through an identity-withheld peer review process.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Military-civilian divide;
  • Interdisciplinary and evidence-based approaches to effectively work with these populations;
  • Community and program development trends and challenges;
  • Emerging research topics in Veteran and Military-Connected studies;
  • Research developments and evaluation as well as future needs for scholarly endeavors;
  • Innovative teaching strategies for collaboration between Social Work education and other relevant disciplines (e.g., Criminal Justice);
  • Field internship models to train students for practice and research with these populations; and
  • Utilization and/or evaluation of teaching, training, and education for working with these populations

    Manuscripts are due by March 30, 2023
    Estimated Publication is January 2024

    Journal Guidelines for Submission of Manuscripts: http://www.profdevjournal.org/submissions.html

    Special Issue Co-Editors:
    Dr. Katherine Selber, Professor, School of Social Work, Texas State University ks15@txstate.edu
    Dr. Kelly Clary, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Texas State University klc385@txstate.edu

    Editor of the Journal:
    Dr. Noel Landuyt, Managing Editor, The International Journal of Continuing Social Work Education

    Send manuscripts to Dr. Katherine Selber at ks15@txstate.edu


Current Issue (V26 N2)

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