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Professional Development: The International Journal of Continuing Social Work Education
                Dedicated to the continuing education, staff development and training in the field of social welfare.

The Journal is a refereed publication concerned with providing scholarly and relevant articles on continuing education, professional development, and training in the field of social welfare. The aims of the Journal are to advance the science of professional development and continuing social work education, to foster understanding among educators, practitioners, and researchers, and to promote discussion that represents a broad spectrum of interests in the field.


Volume 20 Number 2 Fall 2017 

Volume 21 Number 1 Spring 2018 

Volume 21 Number 2 Fall 2018 

We are now accepting articles for upcoming volumes. More information HERE

Current Issue (V20 N2)

> The Changing Meaning and Purposes of Social Work

> A New Era of Ethics: The Use of Virtual Reality Interventions in Social Work Ethics

> Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Social Work: Moving Social Work Education and Practice Into the 21st Century

> Spiritual Neuroscience: A Review of an Emerging Field and Implications for Social Work Practice and Research

> Distance Education in Social Work: A Review of the Literature

> Independent Living Skills: Evaluating Youth Leaving Foster Care

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