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Professional Development: The International Journal of Continuing Social Work Education
                Dedicated to the continuing education, staff development and training in the field of social welfare.

The Journal
is a refereed publication concerned with providing scholarly and relevant articles on continuing education, professional development, and training in the field of social welfare. The aims of the Journal are to advance the science of professional development and continuing social work education, to foster understanding among educators, practitioners, and researchers, and to promote discussion that represents a broad spectrum of interests in the field.


Current Issue (V18 N2)


  • From the Editor

  • Exploring Social Work and Disability in U.S. Schools of Social Work

  • Disability Disclosure Among College Students with Psychiatric Disabilities in Professional Majors: Risks and Implication for Rural Communities

  • Exploring Resiliency in Parents and Families of Adult Children: Living at Home with a Dual Diagnosis

  • Literacy and Disability: A Study of Transformation

  • Enhancing Independent Living within Community Services for People with Physical Disabilities in Ontario, Canada

  • Engaging with Technology Governance in Social Work Education: An Essential for Preparing Future Social Work(ers)


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