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Year: 2018 (Vol: 21 No: 1 Page: 3)

Title: Team Teaching via Video Conferencing: Practical Strategies for Course Design and Delivery

Author(s): Camp and Egbert
Abstract: This article provides a theoretically grounded how-to guide for collaborative design and implementation of team teaching in a distance education (IVC) context, including practical strategies for effective planning, preparation, curriculum- and technology-related issues; dynamics inherent in real-time course delivery; and incorporating a self-reflective process for ongoing evaluation and course improvement – qualitative data representing student perceptions and experiences of team taught distance education are provided, as well as ongoing efforts regarding evaluation in this area.

Article PDF: 211003.pdf

Year: 2018 (Vol: 21 No: 1 Page: 13)

Title: Fields of Practice in Post-Degree Social Work Employment

Author(s): Schmidt and Hemingway
Abstract:  This research used a survey and brief telephone interviews to determine if social work practice interests changed during and after completing a MSW degree. The participants represented five years of graduates from a small School of Social Work in British Columbia, Canada. Prior to starting their MSW studies, the largest number of social workers were employed in child welfare (31%). After graduation with the MSW degree 16% were employed in child welfare while 39% were employed in mental health and addictions. Information gained from the study is useful for planning curriculum as well as continuing education programs.
Article PDF: 211013.pdf

Year: 2018 (Vol: 21 No: 1 Page: 20)

Title: Working Together: How Peer Mentors and Social Workers Can Collaborate to Serve Veterans and Military Families

Author(s): Mitchell
Article PDF: 211020.pdf

Year: 2018 (Vol: 21 No: 1 Page: 26)

Title: A Case Study for Students with Disabilities in Field Education

Author(s): Smith
Abstract:  The study reviews federal legislation that guides placement of students with disabilities and the experience in placing students with disabilities in field education at a state university in Western Pennsylvania. The study provides insight into lessons learned by the BSW Field Director in placing students with disabilities in field internships and recommendations for supporting students with disabilities in field.
Article PDF: 211026.pdf

Year: 2018 (Vol: 21 No: 1 Page: 32)

Title: Growing Old: Perspectives on Retirement Issues Among Adult Vietnamese Immigrants 

Author(s): Lam and Nguyen
Abstract:  This exploratory study describes the perspectives and beliefs of adult Vietnamese immigrants about retirement issues. Through intensive interviews with 20 respondents, using semi-structured open-ended questions, authors explored factors that influence retirement planning. A process model was used to explore the impact of conceptualization of retirement planning, socio-economic status and health, and knowledge of governmental assistance and other community support services on multiple pathways leading to retirement. The results of this study serve to enhance understanding of the unique needs of this population. Specifically, findings of this study supported the important role of positive attitudes towards retirement in the process of retirement planning and retirement decision. In addition, findings of this study highlighted a need to expand community education on the issues of governmental and community support services related to retirement. Finally, the results of this study raised an important issue pertaining to the role of health and socio-economic status in the level of satisfaction of the retirement planning. Clinical implications are discussed.
Article PDF: 210132.pdf

Year: 2018 (Vol: 21 No: 1 Page: 41)

Title: Cyber Social Work: Is the Profession Ready?

Author(s): Joiner
Abstract:  This paper explores the readiness of social workers to engage in online service delivery and counseling as well as challenges associated with online practice. This study used a sample of 173 MSW-level respondents who participated in Social Work Continuing Education (CE) workshops related to the use of technology in direct practice. Findings were mixed regarding the use of social media to deliver mental health services to clients/consumers. However, the participants strongly agreed the Internet could be used to deliver mental health therapy effectively.
Article PDF: 211041.pdf

Year: 2018 (Vol: 21 No: 1 Page: 52)

Title: Memories: Cuban-Immigrants and their Courage, Connection, and Adaptation

Author(s): Coll, Weiss, Waddell, Martinez, & Basiru
Abstract:  The purpose of this qualitative research study was to explore the narratives and articulation of experiences of Cubans who left Cuba during the Mariel Boatlift that took place between late April and late September 1980 in response to Fidel Castro’s Revolution. Electronically blogged entries were submitted in an attempt for Cuban-American emigrants to seek and share information about their experiences and help them locate the vessels that brought them to America originally (Barry and Rosenblatt, 2010).  A Miami Herald database publicized in-depth information on one of the most important events of Cuban emigration. A reporter, data analyst, and Web developer worked for months to digitize and organize little-known data about the 1980 Mariel Boatlift, published to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the vessels’ arrivals in the United States. The data sets proved to be more than mere numbers and names. Every record highlights what Cuban emigration means to each individual that is facing loss and embracing a new commitment and a story of change, conflict, and connection that shapes their values, hopes, and dreams as Cuban-Americans. Using the social work strengths perspective and empowerment that uses human strength and resiliency as a tool for helping individuals overcome personal obstacles and challenges, this study explores the process that assists troubled people to realize their full potential through the narrative analysis of 13 blogged representative entries extrapolated from 140 total entries, which included five males and seven females that responded to the 2010-2011 Mariel Boatlift database Miami Herald blog.
Article PDF: 211052.pdf

Year: 2018 (Vol: 21 No: 1 Page: 61)

Title: Redefining the Water Cooler: Relationship Building and Collaboration in Virtual

Author(s): Parga, Schwartz, George
Article PDF: 211061.pdf

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